Experience as a wedding photographer

I have now very many years of experience as a wedding photographer, and one thing is certain: no people are alike – and that is their weddings either. I have taken pictures for over 10 years, at over 100 weddings – with a different team, budgets and style – right from the helicopter flight and the Ferrari-driving to the barbecue-party-theme at home on the road.

Price for a wedding photographer

Many have asked for a price for a wedding photographer – and yes, let’s be honest; the photographers who sells you the packages you are being ripped off. I see a great many bryllupsfotografer working with 1, 2 or 3 bryllupspakker with 3 different prices – but can a wedding only divided into 3 need for pictures? NO OF COURSE NOT!

Wedding photos depends on many factors

Wedding photos depends on many factors; distance to the church, the distance between the church and the party, number of guests – and of course: your wants and needs.

I work in Denmark but worked mostly in denmark and especially Aalborg, Hjørring, Frederikshavn, Brønderslev, Hobro, Skagen, Aars, Støvring, Nibe and Dronninglund, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Vejle, Kolding and so on. But often people get married in a city, but the party is held in a different city and bryllupsbillederne may need to be taken in a third city – and yes, photographers are selling the infamous “bryllupspakker” has also taken this into account and therefore will always pay for others to have a distance between their locations.






many photographers

I see many photographers take between 10 and 25,000 dollars for the pictures – I do not. I have a more honest approach to things, including the price! Therefore can I as a wedding photographer offering prices completely down to 3500 dkk, depending on your needs and wants. So, do you want a professional experienced wedding photographer, with a fair approach to rates but at the same time respect that your wedding is your big day?

Please send an email today with your wishes, needs, and a date by clicking here – I look forward to hearing from you!

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